Monday, December 15, 2008

User Feedback at the Android Market

Perhaps a surprise to some, but I don't actually have the G1 Android phone myself yet. Instead, I developed the three game applications on the Android emulator. This unfortunately also implies that I cannot read the comments that were posted at the Android Market, I only can see the average rating. As such, I just get a sense of user feedback from emails I receive.

These emails can be divided into roughly three categories. The first, and luckily largest category consists of nice emails in which people say they enjoy the game(s) and give constructive feedback and suggestions for improvements. I hope to implement some of the requested features, but please keep in mind that this is "spare time" development. The second, smaller category consists of emails where people claim the program is "cheating". So far those claims invariably resulted from a lack of understanding the proper rules (castling or en-passant in chess, forward jumps only for uncrowned pieces in checkers, etc). If you do find a bug, please be so kind to send me complete information, such as position and last move, so I will be able to debug the program. The last and smallest category consists of short emails in which people say they find the game "horrible" (or worse words). Although luckily the minority, each of these obviously hurts. I realize the applications are basic and many features found in commercial programs are missing, but hey, I am giving them away for free. So, cut me some slack. You can always uninstall! :-)