A new logo for BikJump

Now that the new BikJump is taking shape, it is also time to upgrade the UCI engine logo to reflect the new version. The old logo of v1.x and the new logo of upcoming v2.0 are shown below (both kindly designed by my sister Elies):

The new logo no longer contains version information, since most chess GUIs show the version information elsewhere anyway. Furthermore, now I can keep this logo for many BikJump generations to come.

As for some background on the logos, the three colored bands hint at my Dutch origins (our flag). The jumping horse obviously relates to the knight in chess as well as the name BikJump (derived from my last name, not yet hinting at a "big jump" for computer chess unfortunately).

Graham Banks also designed the following nice logo for BikJump that is used to post the results of tournaments on the CCRL Forum.


Elies Bik said…
Thanks for acknowledging me! I hope that BikJump v2 will be out soon, and will make some great moves!

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